Strikingly Beautiful Fall Flowers

Vibrant blooms to highlight your big day

The flowers of fall come in a wide variety of bright colors. From traditional roses to artful amaryllises - which make beautiful centerpieces - autumn is a bountiful time for blooms in the most vibrant colors.

Seasonal selections
For your autumn wedding, choose seasonal flowers to avoid disappointment if they can’t be found and to skip on the extra cost if they can. Popular seasonal flower choices for fall include roses, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, black-eyed Susans, dahlias and gardenias.

Aside from traditional flowers, there are other eye-catching plants that are ideal for fall. Ask your florist about:

  • Hypericum - glossy little dark purple or red egg-shaped berries attached to woody stems with minimal greenery
  • Bittersweet - sprigs of these bright orange berries are perfect for centerpieces and wreaths
  • Holly - its glossy green leaves and bright red berries look beautiful in fall arrangements
  • Cranberries - the jewel tone of these berries are stunning in tall, clear glass vases
  • Ivy - ideal for cascade bouquets and along the head table, your florist can help you pick the best type for your wedding

More than just flowers
Autumn weddings are a great time to experiment with other natural decorations. Don’t forget about:

  • Gourds - piled up in a shallow dish, they’ll make a colorful centerpiece
  • Raffia - use it to tie napkins, invitations and bouquet stems
  • Spanish Moss - wrap Spanish Moss around the bottom of candles for a woodland look
  • Grasses - tall dried grasses are great filler for arrangements near entrances and the head table
  • Wheat or corn - sheaves of wheat or stalks of dried corn tied with bright ribbons, standing in the corners of the room will give your reception a harvest feel
  • Pumpkins - use pumpkins as centerpieces or hollow them out and carve them with designs to use as walkway lanterns

Autumn flowers are rich in color and pair well with other seasonal elements. Get creative with your fall floral arrangements or talk to your florist for more ideas.

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