Divine Fall Wedding Menus

Offer your guests a cornucopia of delicious dishes

Fall menus are all about flavor and satisfaction. Main courses with layered tastes that will leave guests satiated are the staple of fall meal planning. Ask your caterer for ways to make the most of fall’s plentiful seasonal flavors.

Warming up to a great party
Welcome your guests to cocktail hour with hot mulled apple cider to take the chill off. While you’re out having photos taken, light a fire under your guests with an hour of scotch sampling. Many delicious autumn cocktails rely on nut-based liqueurs like amaretto. Mix it with Southern Comfort for a potent Sicilian Kiss or bar lime for delicious Amaretto Sours. Chocolate martinis and small glasses of creamy liqueurs will encourage mingling while your guests await your arrival.

During cocktail hour, have wait staff circulate the room with flavorful appetizers. Try pot stickers, marinated olives and warm stuffed mushrooms. Trays with nutty or smoky cheeses and tart grapes will please any palate.

Fall flavors come out in delicious soups like butternut squash, curried pumpkin or hearty minestrone. Borscht is a colorful beet-based alternate. Autumn salads are complex in flavor and texture when accented with toasted nuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries or sliced beets.

Stick it to them
Fall meals should satisfy and stick to your guests’ ribs. Classics like tangy pulled pork, tender roast beef, juicy rotisserie chicken and peppery pot roasts are always popular. Often, roast turkey dinners are the least expensive option caterers offer - what better season for this cost-effective selection? If you’re feeling daring, offer your guests cuts of venison or elk roast, but don’t make these the only options on the menu - not everyone wants to walk on the wild side. Sides of roasted fall vegetables like carrots, turnip and squash are packed with flavor. Fluffy mashed potatoes smothered in gravy are hard for anyone to resist. A rich wild mushroom risotto is a perfect selection for vegetarians. Whole grain rolls with butter will let guests wipe every last morsel off their plates.

After such a hearty meal, keep your guests awake for the dancing by offering strong cups of espresso or other tasty specialty coffees like B-52s or Spanish Coffee with Tia Maria and rum.

Sweet story
Top off your savory fall menu with a selection of classic pies like pumpkin, apple and pecan. Warm spice or gingerbread cake with a dollop of whip cream will taste just like home. Ask for fall flavor accents like honey, berries and nuts in your wedding cake, or have it decorated with decadent marzipan.

Fall has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Classic menus will satisfy any guest, but there are many creative ways to use the season’s flavors of nuts, honey, mustard and smoky cheeses. Bon appetit!

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