Autumn Wedding Romance

The season for falling in love

It’s no wonder that autumn is the second most popular time of the year for weddings. The weather is that perfect blend of not too hot and not too cold and people are focused on the things they’re most thankful for. Fall offers a cornucopia of delicious foods fresh from the harvest. The blazing colors of changing leaves provide the signature palette of autumn. Brides glow in warm toned wedding gowns with hints of color and send their guests home happy with thoughtful fall favor. Beautiful bouquets and arrangements that incorporate vibrant blooms and berries are the icing on the cake for a perfect day.

Make the most of nature
When decorating for autumn weddings, many couples work with harvest elements like cornstalks and sheaves of wheat to create a natural look. Grape vine wreaths, gourds and raffia all give autumn weddings an unmistakable style.

Unharvested fields and rustic barns are great backdrops for autumn wedding photography. Let your glowing smiles compete with the riotous colors of fall leaves for stunning pictures.

Let there be light
As the sun sets earlier and earlier in autumn, find creative ways to spread some light. Pumpkins and other varieties of squash can be hollowed and used as lanterns to shed light on an outdoor patio. Carve with stars, swirls or other patterns that work with your wedding theme. Brown paper bags filled a few inches deep with sand and a votive candle can be lined up to light walkways. Fill mason jars with dried kernels of corn, coffee beans, broken cinnamon sticks or cranberries to make candle holder centerpieces.

Monster mash
Couples looking for a one-of-a-kind party might consider a Halloween-themed wedding. Guests can dress in costume and trick-or-treat to different candy-themed tables. Jack o’ Lanterns can cast a festive glow on the dance floor. For a subtler approach, plan a masquerade theme. Send guests plain black Lone Ranger-style masks in their invitations that can be decorated and worn during the evening party. Visit costume shops to find elegantly elaborate masks for you and your groom - although the white dress and tux will probably give you away!

Your autumn wedding is a great time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the start of your new life together. Enjoy the abundance the season has to offer.

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