Your Wedding Flowers Checklist

Your Floral File

Every bride will find it easier to communicate clearly with her florist and stay on budget if she keeps a flower checklist for the wedding party, ceremony and reception. To ensure proper placement at the ceremony and reception location prepare a "floral floor plan" detailing the location of each arrangement and decoration. Label each arrangement beforehand so florist and helpers will know what goes where.

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Wedding Party

__ Bridal bouquet

__ Bridal headpiece

__ Maid of honor's bouquet

__ Bridesmaids' bouquet

__ Flower girl's basket and headpiece

__ Groom's boutonnière

__ Best man's boutonnière

__ Groomsmen's

__ Ring bearer's boutonnière

__ Bride and groom's mothers' corsages

__ Bride and groom's father's corsages

__ Grandparent's corsages / boutonnière

__ Special guest's corsages / boutonnière

__ Other





__ Aisle runner

__ Pew / chair decorations

__ Altar arrangements

__ Candles and holders

__ Other





__ Entryway arrangements

__ Bar decorations

__ Dining-table centerpieces

__ Wedding party table decorations

__ Bride and groom's chair decorations

__ Buffet table decorations

__ Cake and cake table decorations

__ Powder-room arrangements

__ Entryway decorations

__ Other





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