Wedding Invitations Checklist

Managing Your Invitations

A wedding invitation is your guests' introduction to your wedding, and you want them to be perfect. From heavy white paper with silk ribbon trim to playful palm trees and coconuts, your invitations set the tone and communicate the theme for your big day. They are a symbol of your wedding's degree of formality and a keepsake for your guests.

What style of wedding are you having? Will it be casual or formal? Choosing your wedding invitations is one of the first big steps in planning your wedding, so you'll want to be organized. How many will you need? What's your budget?

Here's a handy wedding invitation checklist to help make everything in the invitation process faultless.

Contact Information
Name of Invitation Vendor:  
Name of Contact:  
Date Invitations Ordered:  
Expected Arrival Date:  
Invitation Style
Choose the invitation based on its style and theme and the way it ties in to your wedding style and theme.






Casual Theme

Select Typestyle:  
Select Ink Color:  
Ordering Stationary
Decide if you wish to order any of the stationery listed below:

___ Outer envelopes with printed return address on back flap

___ Inner envelopes with return address printed on front

___ Response Cards

___ Save the Date Cards

___ Reception Cards

___ Direction/Map Cards

___ Thank You Notes

___ Envelope Seals

___ Other

___ Other

Guest List
Assemble all guest lists and make guest list final count.

Total number of guests ____

  • Order only one invitation per married couple.
  • Order a few additional invitations for last minute guests and keepsakes.

Total number of invitations to order ____

____ Bride's

____ Groom's

____ Bride's Parents

____ Groom's Parents

____ Other

Invitation Information
  • Assemble all detailed information to be included on your invitation.
  • Check all spelling, dates, times and addresses.

___ Ceremony date and time

___ Name and address of ceremony location

___ Correct spelling of every person's name on the invitation

___ Time of reception

___ Name and address of reception location

___ RSVP date

Addressing Invitations
  • Check all spelling, dates and times and addresses AGAIN.
  • Address inner and outer envelopes as per your guest list in a clear, legible hand, or hire a calligrapher.

___ Purchase stamps for outer and response envelopes (Post Offices have special stamps to compliment your
       wedding invitation).

___ Have post office weigh one invitation to ensure one stamp is sufficient postage.

___ Place stamps on outer and response envelopes.

___ Assemble invitations carefully, making sure inner and outer envelope names and addresses match.

___ Distribute reception cards, response cards, direction cards and any other item to be inserted into the
        envelope in the order you want guests to see them.

___ Close and seal envelopes.

___ Take to post office to be mailed 4 - 6 weeks before your wedding.

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