Registering for Your Honeymoon

The perfect gift for the couple who has everything

You’ve started planning your wedding registry and you’re having trouble coming up with items to add. If you and your honey have been living together for awhile, you might not need any new kitchen items or electronics. Registering for your honeymoon is an exciting wedding trend that’s well suited for couples who are established in their life together. This type of registry gives guests the opportunity to buy travel gift certificates that you can use towards a well-deserved getaway with your new spouse.

Talk to your travel agent
Once you’ve decided as a couple where you’d like to go for your honeymoon, discuss registry options with your travel agent. Your guests can usually call, go in to the agency or go online to contribute money towards your trip.

Some honeymoon registry services will let guests dedicate their funds to special treats like bottles of wine in your room, snorkeling trips and spa packages. Other agencies may put all of the contributions into a lump sum that you choose how to spend. If you’re “too busy” to leave the room on your honeymoon, the money contributed to your snorkel trip won’t go to waste.

Each travel registry is different, so be sure you understand exactly what you’re purchasing. Ask if your agent will take care of booking trips and services for you or if you’ll choose those options when you arrive.

Since this is a newer wedding tradition, some guests will be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with a honeymoon registry. It’s a good idea to have a detailed copy of your itinerary available at your travel agency so guests will know what kinds of activities they can contribute to.

Just like other wedding registries, rely on word of mouth to share this gift option with your guests. A nice way to acknowledge your guests’ contribution to your trip is to write about the highlights of your honeymoon in the thank-you cards you send.

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