Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Party perfect wedding rehearsal dinner ideas

Rehearsal dinners are a great way for everyone in your wedding party to relax and enjoy your company just before the big day. Be sure to talk with your family and wedding party to decide who’s hosting your rehearsal dinner. If you’re taking on the hosting duties, we’ve got a few easy rehearsal party ideas for any busy couple.

Relaxation therapy
With so much going on, you might want to take it easy the night before your wedding. Want to spend a low-key evening with your guests? Try something simple like:

  • Making dinner at home - prepare an intimate home-cooked meal to show your appreciation. Cap it all off with a flick everyone can enjoy.
  • Getting pot lucky - invite your guests to bring pot luck dishes to your reception site if it's available.
  • Enjoying pizza and beer - it doesn’t get more laid back than this. Have a backyard picnic with a keg of beer, some pizzas and a game of volleyball.
  • Throwing a shrimp on the barbie - thank your wedding party with an informal barbeque and a game of horseshoes.
  • Hosting a Hawaiian luau - book a picnic site at a local park and host a clambake with Hawaiian-themed dress and dining.
  • Lounging around - take some time to primp and join your guests for a relaxing evening at an upscale lounge.
  • Sailing the seas - make reservations for a dinner cruise and float your jitters away.

Celebration central
A great way to relieve stress is to get out and get moving. Ready to get the party started? Think about:

  • Shaking your groove thang - grab your wedding party and hit your favorite club to shimmy away your wedding stress. Just save some shake for tomorrow!
  • Getting active - bowling, pool, darts, paint ball or miniature golfing are all fun ways to get active with your wedding party before the big day.
  • Setting the pace - take your guests on a walking tour of your favorite sites. A stroll along the beach or hiking trails is a great way to get energized. Then hit a favorite restaurant to refuel.

Have a great time with your nearest and dearest at your rehearsal party but save time for some shut eye. You’ve got a big day ahead!

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