Sprightly Spring Wedding Colors

Simple and sweet colors for your spring wedding

The world reawakens in the spring. With more flower options becoming available, spring brides have lots of choice when it comes to color. Solids, color combinations and patterns all work well for spring weddings. Spring weddings are a great time to use softer colors like:

  • Lavender
  • Baby blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow

Many spring brides choose pastels and other light hues that won’t look harsh against their fairer winter skin. For a spring wedding, try to steer away from the darker colors of fall and winter like deep oranges and navy blue.

Color combinations
Because spring colors tend to be fairly light, they pair up beautifully. For a sweet, spring color combination, try:

Pink with green or melon - choose a preppy and pretty pink and green combo or a sunset mix of pink and melon

Lavender with butter yellow or lime green - with buds and blooms popping up everywhere, this color combination is well suited to spring

Light blue with white - a clean, classic pairing

Green with white - think celadon or sage green and creamy white. Accent it with silver for a sophisticated look

Chocolate brown with petal pink or baby blue - a very trendy color combo that works well in bridesmaid dresses

Pretty in patterns
Solids aren’t the only option for spring weddings. Delicate patterns like gingham, swiss dots, stripes and plaids in your wedding colors make pretty accents. Find patterned ribbons in your wedding colors and tie them around invitations, favors, bouquet stems or programs. Using one or two patterns together can look flirty and fun, but more than two different patterns will be distracting.

Picture perfect
The weaker summer sun and foliage that isn’t in full bloom can give leave outdoor wedding photos a bit lackluster. Talk with your photographer about different color options for your pictures like black and white or sepia. If there’s a picture you love but the color isn’t perfect, try viewing it in one of those color options.

Spring is a great time for colorful weddings. Choose hues that best suit the image you have of your dream wedding and you won’t go wrong.

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