Get Growing with Spring Wedding Favors

Simple gifts for your wedding guests

Thank your guests for sharing your special day with thoughtful wedding favors. Favors can be set on guests’ place settings or arranged on a table by the entrance for pick up on their way home. Remind your guests of all that spring has to offer with garden inspired favors - or tickle a sweet tooth with something sugary. When the ushers seat your guests at the ceremony, have them hand out packets of birdseed. Guests can toss this at the end of your vows - instead of frowned upon rice or confetti - to salute the newlyweds and give the birds a snack too.

Garden party gifts
As the weather warms up, people get outside again. Spring is a great time for puttering in the garden and watching sprouts start to grow. Planning a garden party wedding? These favors are an ideal way to coax your guests back into the great outdoors:

  • Flower seeds and bulbs - packets of wild flowers that can be scattered and watered or seed cards to plant and watch grow are great symbols of your blossoming love. Bulbs that will grow into flowers used in your bouquet are another great favor, but be sure to package them in envelopes to keep tables clean
  • Glycerin soaps - after a long day in the garden, your guests will appreciate cleaning up with pure glycerin soaps. Brides with a crafty touch can make these themselves
  • Miniature garden tools - visit a garden centre and find small garden tools that can be used inside on potted plants or herb gardens. Tie the tools with patterned ribbons in your wedding colors
  • Butterflies and dragonflies - one of the first signs of spring is the return of life in the garden. You’ll find butterflies and dragonflies on everything from candle holders to sun catchers
  • Pressed flowers - let your guests have a bit of spring all year long with favors that contain pressed flowers. You’ll find these bits of botanicals in bookmarks, folding fans and suspended in frames
  • Potted plants - your guests can bring spring indoors with small pots of daffodils, crocuses or fresh spring herbs

Sweet spring treats
Edible favors always go over well. At a spring wedding, these sweet favors are sure to make your guests smile:

  • Sugar cookies - enlist your family to help with the baking or hit a local bakery for sugar cookies shaped like flowers and iced in your wedding colors
  • Coconut birds’ nests - stock up on holiday jelly beans and use them to fill edible coconut and chocolate birds’ nests
  • Miniature picnic baskets - fill them with yellow, pink, white and green candies for favors your guests can munch all night long

Wedding favors are an important way to thank your guests. Many favors are easy to make yourself - and that’s easier on your budget. If you’re a busy bride, opt to buy favors and enlist your bridesmaids to help with any assembly.

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