Blooming Spring Wedding Flowers

Delicate flowers and heavenly scents for your spring wedding

Spring is a great season for wedding flowers. Not only are there lots of fabulous blooms available, but many of them have delicate scents that add a whole new level to your wedding decorating. If you’re choosing flowers with stronger scents, limit your selection or mix it with unscented blooms to avoid overwhelming your guests. The wide color palette available in the spring makes floral color combinations a snap.

Spectacular seasonal flowers
Spring brides have the floral world at their fingertips when it comes to selection. Aside from blooms that are available all year like roses, daisies and freesia, spring brides can select seasonal blooms like:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Daffodils
  • Irises
  • Tulips
  • Lilac
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lilies, and
  • Sweet peas

Beautiful spring bouquets
Spring flowers can easily match any wedding bouquet style.

  • For a cascading bouquet, lily of the valley or hanging sweet peas can create a waterfall effect. Trails of lily of the valley will also look fabulous with a white and green color scheme.
  • Irises and lilies are perfect long-stemmed flowers for a fresh from the garden hand-tied bouquet.
  • Compact flowers like tulips and daffodils work well in round, nosegay arrangements.

If you’re using a pattern like swiss dots, gingham or plaid in your wedding, find ribbons or pieces of fabric in that pattern to tie around the stems of your bridesmaids’ and your own bouquets.

Decorations and table toppers

  • For a chic, modern look, clip sprigs of lilac, cherry or apple blossom and create minimalist spring centerpieces.
  • Fill bud vases or square glass containers with tulips and wrap the vase with a piece of patterned material.
  • Small terracotta pots with daffodils or crocuses are a great table favors for spring weddings that guests can keep indoors or plant outside afterwards. Seeds and bulbs that will grow into flowers from your wedding are also popular spring wedding favors.
  • For a sumptuous look, place pots of spring hydrangeas by the head table or on the gift table. These beautifully scented flowers can be planted in your own garden later as a memento of your big day.
  • Hanging baskets with cascading sweet peas are perfect doorway accents for outdoor ceremony sites.

Spring has a lot to offer when it comes to flowers. Whether you’re looking for bright and cheery or soft and subtle, spring flowers are a beautiful addition to your wedding.

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