Satisfying Spring Menus

Reawaken your guests’ taste buds this spring

Flavors come alive in springtime! With more fresh vegetables to choose from and delicate flavor accents like lemon and mint, spring wedding menus usually focus on simple, refreshing options.

For starters

Think crisp when planning spring hors d’oeuvres - crunchy crudités with dip and flavorful spring rolls are a great way to greet your guests. Mint is a popular spring flavor accent: add it to shaved prosciutto on slices of baguette for an hors d’oeuvre that guests can munch while they mingle. Melon balls wrapped in prosciutto are another flavorful spring appetizer and match popular spring color schemes. Finger sandwiches rolled and sliced like pinwheels or cut into triangles are a light hors d’oeuvre that will help your garden party guests save room for the main course. Fill the sandwiches with classics like cucumber, cream cheese, salmon or shaved ham.

Delicate soups like smooth potato and leek or pea soup with a swirl of sour cream are delicious ways to arouse your guests’ appetites. A crisp salad of seasonal arugula, endive and watercress will taste divine with citrusy dressings - think lemon, orange or grapefruit. Slices of fresh strawberries add color and an unexpected sweetness to spring salads.

Mouthwatering mains

While classics like prime rib always go over well, this spring impress your guests with decadent rosemary roasted lamb, braised Cornish game hens in wine sauce or fresh grilled trout. For vegetarians, pastas that combine asparagus pieces or sweet new peas in a light cream-based sauce with a splash of lemon are sure to hit the spot. Complement your main course with tender new spring vegetables like grilled asparagus, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, new potatoes or green beans almandine.

Sensational spring desserts

Spring desserts should be sweet and pretty. Delicate strawberry, chocolate or lemon mousses will taste heavenly in dark chocolate cups. Round out your garden party menu with warm rhubarb crumble à la mode or strawberry shortcake. Simple desserts and wedding cakes look delectable with dainty added touches of sugared edible flowers - pansy, carnation and lavender blossoms are popular choices. Tiny cakes like petite fours can be decorated with fondant icing in colors or patterns to match your wedding. Other popular spring desserts include carrot cake with cream cheese icing, strawberry shortcakes or orange layer cakes.

Mixing it up

When it comes to cocktail hour, mint juleps are the perfect garden party drink. Exotic pomegranate liqueurs served with champagne and orange juice make for colorful cocktails. Big punch bowls with pink lemonade and iced tea will help refresh your younger guests and those who are driving.

Spring is a celebration of new flavors and textures. Get creative with your menu and you’ll send your guests home smiling.

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