White Hot Summer Wedding Attire

Look hot - and not because of the heat!

It’s summer, baby! And that means hemlines are coming up and showing some skin is in. Choose a summer wedding style that works with your location. Are you planning an indoor event or will you be outside or at the beach? Your venue doesn’t have to dictate what you wear, but it can help you with your decisions. Warm weather makes everyone want to show a little skin, but it’s not a license for you or your bridesmaids to look trashy. Slip dresses, strapless designs and light fabrics are all appropriate and classy styles for hot weather weddings.

Expose yourself
Strapless wedding dresses are in - big time. And fortunately for summer brides, this style is made for summer weather. No matter what style of wedding dress you choose, in the warmer months, lighter weight materials will keep you cool. Some religious venues require brides to cover their shoulders during the ceremony, so choose something light or lacy that will work well with your dress. Ask if you can restyle your mother’s wedding veil into a shawl or use a delicate scarf from your grandmother - either option will check “something old” off your wedding tradition list. Strappy sandals are the staple shoe of summer - just be sure to wear them around the house for a few weeks ahead of time to break them in.

Summer skin slipups
If there’s one thing we ask all summer brides it’s to please, please, please not show tan lines on their wedding day! Bronzed skin looks great, but if we can tell where your bathing suit sits it will take away from your sophisticated look. In the weeks before your wedding, use a moisturizer with SPF every day to avoid burns. If you can see tan lines when you go for your fittings, get yourself to an esthetician stat! It’s well worth the cost and time to a professional blend away the lines with sunless tanner.

You want your skin to glow on your wedding day, but heavy makeup will melt in the summer sun. Cover blemishes with concealer, then use a light, water-resistant or sweat-proof foundation to even out your skin tone.

The struggle with a strapless
They aren’t just for the bride - strapless designs for bridesmaid dresses are very popular too. Before you choose this style for your bridesmaids, think about their body shapes. Both busty girls and the cleavage-challenged often complain of strapless dresses’ tendency to end up around their waists. Detachable straps are an option that will allow your girls to have bare shoulders during the ceremony and then the support they need for dancing.

The white stuff
White isn’t just for the bride at summer weddings. Although you might want to avoid dressing your bridesmaids in white, the guys in your wedding party can look very sharp in linen suits, khaki pants or dark pants with white dinner jackets. Experiment with lighter colors on the groom and his guys. Ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses will help you wedding party look coordinated.

Summer is a great time to flaunt what you’ve got. Pick stunning styles that suit your wedding plans and be prepared to dazzle!

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