Sun and Sand - The Perfect Beach Wedding

Have you been seduced by a seaside ceremony?

The blazing colors of the setting sun and the hushed lapping of waves on the beach draw many couples to outdoor beach weddings. If you’d love a beach wedding in your hometown, summer may be the only season that you can have one. If you’ve got your heart set on a beach wedding, but there’s no water in sight, a destination wedding may be right for you.

The popularity of this type of outdoor wedding has inspired a variety of beach themed wedding favors. Barbecues and seafood buffets are great meal choices that can be paired with many other summer menu ideas. Blue and white are popular beach wedding colors, but many vibrant summer hues will look gorgeous set against white sand and tanned skin.

Guest-friendly tips for beach weddings
Although beach weddings have an air of simplicity to them, there are a number of special considerations you should make to ensure your guests’ comfort.

Give your guests shade - being along the water in the evening can be comfortable, but in the middle of the afternoon it can be too hot to handle. Offer your guests parasols or set up a wedding tent to keep everyone comfortable.

Spread the word - make sure your guests know your ceremony will be held at the beach so they can dress appropriately. High heals and shifting sand don’t mix.

Location, location, location - scope out your ceremony site before hand. Visit at the time of day you plan to say your vows so you can determine the best place to stand. Sun bouncing of the waves or setting right behind your groom will be distracting or could make you squint your wedding photos.

Keep everyone hydrated - when the ushers seat your guests, have them hand out bottled water.

Beach beauty
Beach brides and those planning destination weddings in tropical countries often choose simple sheath or slip dresses with body-complementing cuts. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about beach wedding dresses, but don’t forget that a long train will get dirty if it’s pulled over sand. Need other style tips for your beach wedding?

  • Skip shoes all together and get married in your bare feet - opt for flip flops if the sand is too hot
  • Pin a single blossom in your hair or tuck one behind your ear for a tropical look.
  • Beware the humidity! Any summer bride, and especially those marrying near water, should try to work with her natural hair type. Warm, moist air will wreak havoc with both curly and straight hair. Ask you stylist for advice.
  • Dress the men in your wedding party in khaki and white - a traditional black tuxedo will give you one sweaty groom.
  • Shop with your bridesmaids for big, classic sunhats that will keep them shaded during the ceremony. Bridesmaid dresses in shades of blue are perfect for a beach ceremony.

Beach weddings provide a stunning background for you and your sweetie to say your vows. A little planning and great weather will make your beach wedding an event to remember.

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