Sizzling Summer Wedding Colors

Use color to cool down or heat things up

Summertime is an absolute explosion of color! With vibrant greens all around and every color under the rainbow in bloom, summer brides have lots to choose from. Some hot weather weddings rely on cool blues and crisp whites to bring to mind refreshing seascapes while others play with warm tones for a rich, tropical feel.

Spice it up
Warm hues are popular choices in the summer months as they complement the steamy weather. If you’re looking to keep the heat kicking during your summer wedding opt for:

  • Vibrant reds that will sizzle in summer weather
  • Sunset colors like soft orange and dusky purple
  • Corals that look stunning against tanned skin
  • Hot pinks that can be paired with black or lime green
  • Golds for a luxurious look

Cool it down
Need a break from the heat? Refresh your guest with these cool summer tones:

  • Blues - from Tiffany to turquoise
  • Beach colors - feel the sea breeze by pairing ocean blue with sandy white
  • Tropical greens - think cool, dark rainforests
  • Lavender - light shades accented with silver have an icily refreshing look

Just say no to black at summer weddings?
Have you got bridesmaids begging to wear little black dresses? Black is no longer taboo at weddings, but be sure to pair it with a brighter color - you don’t want to look funereal. You can add color to black bridesmaid dresses with sashes or shawls or look for trendy black and white patterned dresses. Dark espresso brown is a warmer alternative to black and is just as versatile.

Popular pairings
Having trouble narrowing down your color choice? Don’t forget about these great summer color combinations:

  • Lime or mint green with dark, rich pinks
  • Khaki and white, especially in men’s styles at a beach wedding
  • Different shades in the same color palette - think lavender, eggplant, lilac or grape

Summer brides have almost the entire spectrum to choose from. Steer away from colors that are reserved for cooler months like navy and forest green, and don’t overdo it with  white - you want to stand out in your wedding dress.

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