Spectacular Summer Wedding Favors

Thank your guests with these creative favors

Summer weddings are playful affairs - even if you’re planning a formal event, expect that at some point the ties will be loosened as your guests try to stay cool. Give your guests favors that work with the theme of your wedding or that are a perfect fit for hot summer weather.

Beat the heat
Help your guests keep their cool with these summery wedding favors:

  • Fans - some ceremony sites, especially older churches, don’t have air conditioning. Help your guests cool off with paper, sandalwood or fabric folding fans.
  • Sun block - you can find sample sized bottles of sun block at drugstores. Add a personalized label for a special touch.
  • Paper parasols - make your guests comfortable at an outdoor wedding by handing out paper parasols to shield them from the sun.

Incredible edibles
From sweet to spicy to tipsy, there are lots of options for edible summer wedding favors. Give your guests:

  • Fruit - take advantage of fresh summer fruits by offering small bags of cherries, or play on words by giving each guest a “perfect pear”.
  • Chocolates - you can find chocolate molds in almost any shape imaginable. If you’re planning to use them as favors, protect chocolates from the summer heat by transporting them to your reception site in an insulated bag.
  • Wine - make your own wine and cork it in demi bottles (half the size of a standard bottle). Attach a label with your names and your wedding date.
    Hot sauce - spice things up with personalized bottles of hot sauce.
  • Sundae kits - put together everything your guests need to make their own summer sundaes. Make favor bundles that include sprinkles, chopped nuts and small bottles of chocolate syrup.

Beach bounty
Beach themed weddings are very popular in the summer when the shore is at its best. These favors are perfect for beach weddings, but work well for all summer nuptials:

  • Sand dollars - if you’re having a religious Christian wedding, write out the sand dollar’s tie to Christianity and include it with the favor.
  • Shells - you can find shells on almost every popular favor from candles to bottle stoppers.
  • Beach balls - perfect for an outdoor wedding, beach balls will bring out the kid in your guests.
  • Frisbees - personalize brightly colored Frisbees by handwriting, “What a catch!” in permanent marker on each and signing your names.
  • Cookies - shaped like palm trees, sandals, surfboards or beach balls, sugar cookies always go over well with guests.

Personalized favors are all the rage and are easily made by attaching a label with your names and your wedding date to almost any regular favor. Create a design on your home computer and print it on stickers - available in sheets at most stationery stores. Whatever you choose, put some thought into your favors - they’re the first thank you your guests receive for sharing your big day.

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