Succulent Menus for Summer Weddings

Enjoy all the variety summer has to offer

When it comes to menu selection, summer can’t be beat. Summer foods are packed with flavor and options for fresh foods are almost endless. From corn roasts to elegant formal dinners, every couple can offer their guests a wide variety of mouth watering dishes.

Spectacular summer starters
Summer is a great time to enjoy spicy foods from faraway places. Try samosas, curried shrimp, peanut coated chicken satays or broiled scallops with tangy Thai dipping sauces. Sushi samples are great appetizers as well, but avoid having them as part of the main course - not all of your relatives are going to love the taste and texture as much as you do! Refreshing chilled soups like vichyssoise and gazpacho are at their best when summer vegetables are freshest. Enjoy the full flavors of summer with salads made from tomato and bocconcini - a soft, fresh mozzarella cheese.

Succulent main courses
Barbecued burgers and steaks are great for summer engagement parties and rehearsal dinners. On your big day, other grilled options like kebabs or chicken breasts are delicious options. Enjoy the best of summer seafood by offering grilled coconut shrimp, seared tuna steaks or bacon, scallop and red pepper skewers. Vegetarians love summer best because of the wide variety of fresh options available. Stuffed peppers, veggie stir fries and pastas packed with colorful zucchini and peppers are ideal for herbivore guests. Sides of grilled mixed vegetables, fresh corn, or tomato slices topped with feta or dill are perfect accents to a summer meal. Roast beef and other heavy meals may be too much for your guests at the peak of the summer so opt for lighter, but equally satisfying dishes.

Delicious summer desserts
Summer fruit is something we crave all year! Accent your wedding cake with fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries. Offer your guests peach cobbler or peaches flambé for a dramatic effect. Poached pears drizzled in a berry-based reduction are the epitome of summer desserts. Fruit sorbets - think mango or raspberry - are a delicious way to cleanse guests’ palates between courses. Playful options like a make-your-own-sundae bar or a sno-cone machine is a great way for guests to beat the summer heat. A late-night fruit tray with fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, cherries, pineapple and mango will refresh your guests for the party ahead.

Cooling cocktails
There’s no better season than summer for frozen cocktails. Refreshingly tart margaritas, juicy piňa coladas and sinful strawberry daiquiris are not only delicious, they’ll also help keep your guests cool. Different companies rent frozen drink machines - look online for a vendor near you. Virgin frozen drinks – minus the alcohol - are great for minors and designated drivers. Bellinis are the ideal cocktail for summer weddings - the combination of fresh peaches and champagne is made for this type of celebration! Having a beach themed wedding? Why not serve fruity Sea Breezes and Bahama Mamas? Frozen watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe balls add a refreshing twist to cocktails, martinis and punch bowls.

Your summer wedding is the perfect time for a sumptuous feast. With so many fresh foods in season, your only difficulty will be narrowing down your decisions!

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