Summer Wedding Style

All the info you need to plan a spectacular summer wedding

Summer is the most popular season to be married and it’s not hard to understand why! The bright colors of summer and warm, sunny weather give you lots of style options to choose from. With its variety of fresh foods and gorgeous flowers, the majority of couples consider summer the perfect time for their wedding.

The price of popularity
Because so many couples plan summer weddings, availability of vendors and locations can become an issue. If a summer wedding is perfect for you, start booking services as far in advance as you can. Have second and third choices ready in case you can’t get the photographer or reception hall you were hoping for. Stay flexible but don’t settle for options that won’t make you happy. If the venue you wanted is booked solid, why not opt for a low-key beach wedding?

When putting together your budget, keep an eye out for hidden peak-season charges when booking your reception venue and photographer. Demand drives up cost, so some vendors will charge extra for summer weddings.

Fortunately, summer is the low season for many warmer honeymoon destinations. If you and your sweetie have always wanted to visit a tropical island, this may be the least expensive time to do it. Most travelers hit hot spots during the colder months so you’ll have quieter, less expensive options to choose from.

Be good to your guests
Summer is a great time for camping, spending time at a lake-side lodge or taking a well-deserved vacation. Be aware of your guests’ other plans and commitments during the busy summer season. Sending Save the Date cards four or five months before your summer wedding will let your guests know to keep your special day free.

Some couples choose to have their weddings on holiday weekends. Depending on when you start making bookings for your wedding, holiday weekends may be the only option available. While some guests - especially those who have far to travel - will welcome holiday weddings, others may have longstanding plans that they can’t break. If you choose to have your wedding on a long weekend, give your guests plenty of notice and be understanding if not everyone can attend. Thoughtful touches like vouchers for brunch the morning after your wedding and creative favors are a nice way to thank guests for sharing your special day.

As you start your planning, you’ll understand why summer marriages are so popular! Whether you’re enjoying a comfortably air conditioned indoor reception or partying under the stars, we know your summer wedding will be everything you dreamed of.

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