Tips for Easy Bridal Registry

Three strategies to keep in mind when planning your registry

Shopping for your bridal registry can be a fun way to unwind while you’re planning your wedding. Our top tips for planning your registry will make assembling your wish list a breeze.

1. Make it a team event
Having trouble getting your groom to come shopping with you when you’re registering? Darling, you’re not alone! There aren’t a lot of guys who want to spend time shopping for tableware. Try enticing him by mentioning that barbecues and electronics are commonly included in registries today. You should both have a say in which items become part of your new home, but if he won’t budge, grab a bridesmaid or two and make a day of it.

2. Pace yourself
Have some fun with your bridal registry! Most stores let you come back to add items as you think of them, so don’t feel like you have to do it all in one shot. Feel free to add to your registry as you notice other things your home just can’t do without. If you’re starting to get overwhelmed with wedding details, take some time to play with your registry - a little retail therapy can do a stressed bride a world of good.

3. Timing is everything
Certain days of the week (think weekends) are going to be very busy in major department stores and malls. If you want to work with emptier aisles or have the full attention of the staff, plan to work on your registry on weeknights or earlier in the day during the week. At all costs, avoid building your registry around the holidays when stores and their staff are stretched to the max.

4. Ask questions
Some stores have special “Registry Experts” on hand to help get you started. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions. Be sure to that you fully understand the services they offer and your options for completing your registry after your wedding. Some stores will even give you great deals after you’ve said your “I dos”.

Have fun putting together your wedding registry! You can’t always avoid yard gnomes as wedding presents, but having a registry will go a long way to making sure your new home reflects your and your sweetie’s personal style.

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