Wedding Insurance

Make Sure You're Covered

Wedding insurance provides the couple with peace of mind during a stressful and expensive time. As more items or events are added to the wedding, the cost goes up and so too does the risk of something going wrong. Much of the wedding is in the hands of others: the caterers, photographers, limousine drivers, florists, dressmakers and many others. So, if something goes wrong it's usually beyond the couple's control to fix it. While the majority of weddings are smooth and trouble-free when something does go wrong, it can be a costly disaster.

The amount of insurance taken out on the wedding will depend on its size and style, the ceremony, reception locations and the cost of individual components (for example, the wedding dress and flowers). If the wedding is especially large or formal a larger premium is suggested.

Here are some of the situations wedding insurance may cover:

Of course the amount of coverage and the insurance rates will vary by insurance provider. There are also incidents that are not covered by wedding insurance:

  • Canceling the wedding because you can't afford it
  • Canceling the wedding due to injuries sustained during hazardous activities. For example bungee jumping
  • The bride or groom decides to end the engagement and cancel the wedding
  • Prior knowledge of an unfortunate incident before taking out the insurance (for example, you take out wedding insurance after finding out your wedding dress was ruined)
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