Your Wedding Checklists

The Lists You Need to Get You from the Engagement to the Ceremony

Some women have been planning their weddings since they were still in pigtails and knee socks, while some women are excited, if a little overwhelmed by the idea of planning their own wedding. Either way, you and your groom want your wedding day to be a perfectly memorable and meaningful celebration for you and your closest friends and family. That means hours of careful planning, dozens of choices, and organizing every element down to the last detail so you can fully enjoy your big day.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or if you need a little guidance, we can help you manage the details and timing of your wedding. So, how does a busy bride keep track of it all? Checklists, planners, and worksheets help handle the details.

We've assembled a complete directory of the checklists and worksheets that will help you plan and execute a perfect wedding your way, on your budget. Even if you think you're not a list person, or hate to keep track, we've made it easy for you. Helpful tips and guidelines help you make sure that you'll plan a flawless wedding with as little stress and anxiety as possible.

Keeping track of your marriage moolah is very important, and we just made it easier! Use our budgeting checklist to account for every penny of your bridal budget. Who are your guests and where will your guests sit? Making a guest list and seating plan can be tough, but with the guest list checklist and seating plan checklist you'll know exactly where all your loved-ones are sitting. From coasters to kitchenware, the gift registry checklist will help you decide what you need, want and wish for your new or existing household. And you'll dance the night away worry-free when you use our music checklist to help you choose the songs most meaningful to you. You can let your DJ or musicians know when to play what, as well as what not to play.

Our picture perfect photography checklist will help brides record their most memorable wedding day moments step by step with their photographer and videographer. And every bride should stop to smell the roses, lilies, daisies or sunflowers! Our wedding flower checklist will help busy brides choose the best blooms for their big day. And don't forget; getting there matters! Our handy transportation checklist will help make sure you and the important people in your wedding arrive on time and in style.

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