Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Have a pre-party to shake off your wedding stress

Your wedding rehearsal gave you a trial run of your wedding ceremony - you might as well have a trial run of tomorrow’s festivities too! The wedding rehearsal dinner is held following the wedding rehearsal; one to two nights before the big day. Your wedding rehearsal dinner lets you spend some quality time with your wedding party and de-stress. Show your wedding party how much you appreciate all their help by giving them their thank you gifts during your rehearsal dinner.

The basics
Wedding rehearsal dinners can be as casual or as formal as you and your honey want. Many couples choose a relaxed backyard barbecue or pot luck rehearsal dinner. Outdoor picnics with party subs or pizza at the local pool hall are also popular (and economical) rehearsal dinner ideas.

The guests
Your rehearsal dinner is for your wedding party - maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, and their significant others - as well as both you and your sweetie’s parents. Those are your must-haves but, if you’re hosting the party yourselves, feel free to invite other special family members. Your siblings, out-of-towners and those who have been a big help in planning your day are all possible guests. It’s a nice token of appreciation to invite your wedding officiant, although it’s not necessary, especially if you’re having a civil ceremony. You don’t have to mail invitations for the rehearsal party - an e-mail invite or phone call is fine.

And the tab goes to…
Traditionally, hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner was the responsibility of the groom's parents - the bride's parents used to cover the expense of the wedding. That may work for your families but if it doesn’t, as a modern couple, you can choose to host the rehearsal party yourselves.

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