Weddings by Season

A Wedding for Every Season

Each of Mother Nature's glorious seasons lend wedding celebrations a certain special spirit and style in winter, spring, summer or fall. Choosing a month for your wedding can be based on your favorite season, climate preferences, the flowers available, choice of location, or seasonal theme. The time of year you choose to be married will certainly affect everything from location and attire to food and flowers.

For brides to be who can't decide when to wed; think about your favorite memory, your favorite place. Where were you when he proposed? What was the season? Check our weddings by season articles to find out which season best suits your style. No matter what, there is a season for every bride, and a bride for every season.

A romantic winter wonderland wedding can be a glimmering shimmering snowy dreamscape, or an elegant black and white affair. Winter brides can choose their themes and décor from a myriad of colours from traditional red and green, to frosty and stylish silver and blue. Glowing candles and sparkling lights reflect the snowy outdoors and the joy that will radiate from a Christmastime wedding. Celebrating New Years nuptials with friends and family in the glow of warm candles and firelight makes for a wonderful seasonal celebration.

Springtime means new beginnings, and sets a beautiful stage for a bride and groom to start their new lives together. Spring weddings reflect new life in the delicate new blossoms and fresh green buds; you'll glimpse your new lives together unfolding beautifully. Imagine a garden wedding or your wedding photos taken with overflowing beds of tulips as a backdrop. Soft springtime hues of pretty pink, lavender, light green, and soft yellow make pretty choices for bridesmaids and bouquets. Spring flower choices are countless and fresh.

Warm summer breezes and fun in the sun make summertime a great occasion to be married indoors or out. Take advantage of the warm weather and plan an outstanding outdoor summer wedding in the backyard, on the beach or in a manicured garden. Choose flowers for your bouquet from abundant seasonal blooms, and opt for attire and décor in vibrant summer colors like lemon, azure and cherry. Blue skies and vacation time make summer a perfect season to be wed and then get away from it all.

Whether fall brings brisk autumn days or the warmth of an Indian summer, fall weddings conjure images of turning leaves and breathtaking sunsets. Autumn brides can opt for rich colors in copper, claret, indigo and russet, or the tones of summer style. Celebrate outdoors in the warm daytime air, and cozy up on cooler nights. Flowers are still abundant in autumn; lilies, asters, roses and sunflowers make lovely bouquets and arrangements.

No matter what your preferences, there is a season for every bride - and a bride for every season.

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