The Color of Winter

Fabulous Winter Wedding Colors

Having a winter wedding doesn't mean limiting your wedding colours to traditional holiday red and green. Brides can choose from countless classic, elegant and modern winter wedding themes.

Of course, the traditional red and green is a natural choice for a Christmas-time wedding. For couples who love the traditional holiday feel, red and green creates a festive ambiance for your winter wedding. For brides on a budget, traditional tones and Christmas décor will likely already adorn your ceremony and reception site, which makes decorating easy and affordable. But don't feel limited to the Christmas palette. For a twist on the traditional, dress your wedding in classic burgundy, gold, and forest green. For a more personal touch that compliments classic reds and greens, add silver or gold accents.

Clean and crisp as fresh snow in winter, a classic silver and white wedding theme is an automatically elegant winter décor choice. The pairing of classic white and bright silver with accents in black will make your wedding feel like a romantic black and white movie. Love the glimmer of gold? For an elegant winter wedding celebration, gold and white are ideal winter wedding colors, too. Consider a New Year's wedding and festivities in silver, black, and white.

A stylish and wintry tone on tone wedding theme is an instantly memorable combination for any winter wedding. Navy blue and light blue hues lend a romantic winter's eve feel to your wedding. Cool and classic with a holiday shine; the pairing of shimmering silver and blue hues is a classic wintry combination for your winter wedding.

White on white is a new winter wedding classic in the making. Create elegant white on white layers; buttery white united with ivory hues create a warm glow, while pairing a true white with a marshmallow white creates a crisp wedding atmosphere. Add white winter flowers, white chiffon, white fur and white lights to continue the theme. Bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your wedding gala by using white on white with green accents like ivy, evergreens, and holly. Afraid to go too stark and snowy? Add warm white lights everywhere to brighten your big day.

Create a rich, comforting environment by using nouveau neutrals in your winter wedding plans. These soft tones are rich, buttery and elegant, and add a touch of luxury to your wedding ceremony and reception. Creamy vanilla and warm cinnamon tones welcome your guests into an instantly cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Elegant and modern, purple and blue are a great choice for adding a modern splash of color to your winter wedding. For that matter, feel like royalty on your wedding day! Rich purple and shimmering silver create a truly majestic wedding theme for you and your guests. Purple tones and shimmery blue accents will add an exciting and enchanted feeling to your winter wedding color scheme.

Wrap your guests in trendy tones. Luxurious holiday color combinations like cranberry and cream create a warm and plush atmosphere for winter wedding guests. Create an ultra-modern sophisticated atmosphere by combining sumptuous chocolate brown and creamy vanilla tones. These rich tones will add a luxurious ambiance to your reception.

Create a midwinter night's dream with trendy citrine green shades - a whimsical and luxurious twist to traditional green. Coupled with gold and white, glimmering gemstone tones add flair and fancy to your winter wedding theme.

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