Deck the Hall!

Seasonal Decor for Your Winter Wedding

Whatever colors you've chosen for your winter wedding, adding just the right touch of wintry detail to your wedding décor will make your celebration unforgettable.

A glimmering, shimmering wedding atmosphere reflects the romance of the season. Welcome your guests into a sparkling winter wonderland; twinkling lights, glowing candles and shining silver or gold will set a romantic tone for your wonderful winter wedding. Fill your reception room with glorious light by stringing strands of white Christmas lights everywhere. Wrap the twinkling strands of lights in shimmering chiffon or tulle fabric and drape them over doorways and on tables. Use icicle lights to illuminate every outdoor entrance.

Cast a wonderful wintry glow over your celebration by suspending sparkling snowflakes from the ceiling; watch them catch the light from the strands of lights and candles. Create the perfect light snowfall with simple silver streamers and scatter tiny faux gems, sparkling snowflakes or cutout hearts onto every surface.

To truly capture the winter wedding atmosphere, add miniature ice sculptures to tables as centerpieces or a large sculpture at the bride and groom's table. Glowing candles and ice sculptures will cast a lovely light on your celebrations. Traditional and elegant winter wedding tablescapes including cranberries, pomegranates, pears and other festive fruits make a colorful and unique accent for your wedding decoration, too. For a twist on the traditional, use snow globes or snowflake ornaments as centerpieces and as guests' favors.

Incorporate the holiday season into your wedding with potted Poinsettias in red or white. Tie an accent color bow around the poinsettia to incorporate your theme. Simple and elegant, these centerpiece ideas make a great take home favour for your guests.

Potted evergreens or bound evergreen boughs add a touch of the outdoors and a wonderful fragrance. Place pillar candles among the boughs, or string white lights through evergreen swag covered doorways. Couple holly boughs and evergreens for a truly traditional holiday touch. If you prefer a more modern look, place pretty bare branches like red dogwood in tall planters and decorate with white mini lights.

Don't miss an opportunity to add well-placed personal touches by using your wedding accent colours. Tie an accent colored bow around a swag of evergreens, a vase or a bowl of candles. Or use lengths of accent colored tulle for candle bases or light strings.

And finally, enhance the romance of your holiday wedding by using candles absolutely everywhere. Candlelight adds ambiance and warmth to any wedding atmosphere, and can't be beat for the sheer romantic intimacy it will lend to your holiday wedding. From tea lights in simple, elegant votives to floating candles in cut-glass bowls to ornate candelabras in silver or gold, radiant candlelight adds an instant air of romance and casts an unforgettably gorgeous light on your winter wedding night celebration.

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