More than Holly and Ivy

Wonderful Flower Choices for Your Winter Wedding

Winter brides may feel restricted when choosing flowers for their winter wedding, since flower varieties are limited in the winter months. But don't dismay, there are many, many festive flowers to choose from for your winter wedding bouquets, arrangements and décor. Your florist can help you choose seasonal and out of season flowers for your bouquets and arrangements to match your budget.

Always a wedding classic, roses are available year-round in a rainbow of colors - one of them is sure to match your winter wedding colors. Lilies come in a wide range of varieties and colors such as Stargazer, Casablanca , and the elegant Calla.

Stephanotis has beautiful delicate white blooms and makes a wonderful pairing with green foliage and other white bridal bouquet flowers. Chrysanthemums are available in winter, too, and can fill out arrangements and bouquets in many assortments of hues. White potted chrysanthemums make a great church and reception flower and won't bust your bridal budget. White is a wonderful winter color choice, but make sure that whites and greens in your bouquets and arrangements match those of your gown. Comparing fabric swatches from your gown and the bridal party's gowns against white flowers is a good idea.

Gerbera daisies are a trendy favorite, and are widely available to the winter bride. Accessible in a variety of hues, there will likely be a color to match your winter wedding bouquet and theme. Carnations are a very affordable winter flower, and are easily found in red, white, cream and pink. Although considered a "filler" flower by many, they are quite pretty when tightly arranged in a nosegay style bridal bouquet.

Wonderfully scented freesias make a pretty accent to any winter wedding flower arrangement. Gardenias are usually on hand in the winter months, and have a wonderful scent and a gorgeous white or soft pink flower.

Available in the winter, in a wide range of colors, the regal amaryllis makes a fantastic and striking winter wedding flower. You can start amaryllis bulbs at home in advance of the big day without much effort and pick them just before you leave for the wedding or reception site.

Less traditional blooms like peonies, gardenias and hydrangeas are available in cold weather as well. Consider incorporating some of these bright flamboyant blooms into your bouquet or arrangements. Poinsettias come in traditional red and white as well as pink and cream, and make a festive seasonal addition to any winter wedding flower theme. These festive flowers also make a great wedding favor for guests.

Accent your winter wedding flowers with wintry touches like ivy, in green or variegated varieties, or eucalyptus branches. Think about adding baby's breath to any arrangement for a snowy effect. Giant pine cones, holly leaves and berries, pomegranates, and evergreen boughs are inexpensive and festive floral accents that can add a touch of wintry distinctiveness to your winter wedding flower choices.

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