A Truly Modern Affair

Melt the Ice with a Modern Winter Wedding Color Scheme

A wedding theme in silver, white and blue reflects the crisp, cool winter season perfectly. Add a dash of purple and you'll have a truly modern affair. Follow these easy tips for an elegant and modern winter wedding theme.

Your invitations should be fashioned from traditional thick white card, but edged in silver and highlighted with blue text and details. For a modern artistic touch, place a sheet of white vellum over the text to add a wintry feel to the look and feel of your invitation.

Your gown is white and your tiara in silver, crystal and dark amethyst will reflect the icy tones of your color scheme. Wedding party accent colours can be silver, purple or light blue; bridesmaids can don silver or blue gowns, and groomsmen can add a splash of accent color in their waistcoats, cravats and handkerchiefs or boutonnières.

Modern floral bouquets in icy white are the finishing touch to your ensemble. Include white flowers such as lilies, roses, stephanotis, and silver-blue accents in heather or eucalyptus for the perfect winter bouquet. Tie arrangements with silver or purple bows for a united effect.

At the ceremony, attach silver and blue decorations such as silver or white snowflakes, silver bells, and bows to pews and chairs. Several swathes of silver or blue organdy, tulle or chiffon linking the pews will add an elegant touch to the ceremony.

At the reception wrap the same luxurious fabrics around doorways and accent with twinkling white lights. Use boughs of evergreens wrapped in purple ribbon and accented with white lights. Scatter silver and blue ornaments throughout the evergreen to create a magical glimmering holiday feel. Dress your dinner tables in blue and white and sprinkle silver snowflakes over it.

Serve warm and hearty winter fare to your guests, such as herbed roast chicken, roasted vegetables and warm breads and stuffing. Light seasonal wines make a great partner for the warm winter fare. Icy cool cocktails and "mocktails" with wintry holiday themes like cranberry and candy cane make great guest beverages. Warmed non-alcoholic egg nog and hot chocolate are great for warming up your guests, too.

Have your wintry wedding cake designed in blue and purple with silver piping and snowflake decorations. A three-tiered cake with each cake decorated in a single color - purple, blue, and white - can combine all your cool wintry colors and tie the modern winter look together quite nicely.

Send your wedding guests' home with personalized miniature champagne bottles. Labeled in silver and blue and tied with a ribbon and silver bells, these lovely wedding favors will complete your thoroughly modern winter wedding theme.

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