Winter Weddingland!

Magic is in the Frosty Air

There is magic in the air at every wedding, in every season. Although the magic is never quite the same as it is at a winter wedding. The snow glistening on the ground radiates with an ethereal white. The night is crisp and clear and the twinkling of the stars against a dark blue sky is breathtaking to behold. You can just hear those sleigh bells ringing as the bride and groom drive away into the snowy night.

The beauty of a winter wedding is stunning, and sadly, often overlooked. Although chilly and snowy, winter weddings offer a theme for wedding dress, décor, and food that is only suited to this time of year. Winter brides have a selection of fabulous winter wedding colors that are truly suited to winter weddings and no other season.

A traditional Yuletide wedding in shades of red and green is the hallmark of the festive season, but would look out of place at other times of the year. The classic colors of Christmastime past - white, silver, and blue - create an elegant and modern winter wedding theme.

Staying warm is always a chore during the winter months, but we have many lovely tips to keep the bride warm and well protected throughout her wedding day. At what other time of the year could you indulge in a luxurious velvet coat or faux fur wrap? Brides that have always imagined wearing a diamond tiara, necklace, or earrings on their wedding day will find their "ice" sparkles and shines with the clear ice of the season.

Festive cocktails and warm, hearty meals, including rich soups and traditional meats in sauces and gravies, offer exceptional choices for winter wedding meals. It is easy to keep you and your guests warm, merry, and bright with comfort foods to warm the belly, colorful cocktails to add a splash of the holiday spirit and soft, flickering candles to light your way.

Aside from the holly, the ivy, and the mistletoe, winter brides have a wonderful selection of flowers for their winter wedding. Flower choices are limited during the winter months, but there is a lovely variety of in-season and indorr grown out-of-season flowers that you may find available for import.

Planning a wedding for the winter months offers just as much diversity and beauty as planning a typical June wedding - you need not be limited by the ice and snow! Winter weddings have inspired us and we hope we inspire you with our magical ideas for your winter wedding.

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