Adults Only Wedding Receptions

A Grown-Up Celebration

If you want an adult only wedding reception expect to be met with some temper tantrums! There are many reasons why couples choose to exclude children from their weddings:

  • It could be because they don't want crying, fussing children at their ceremony.
  • It could be because they are trying to trim the wedding list for cost reasons.
  • It could be because they feel they can't include some children and not others.
  • The couple really doesn't like children.

Regardless of your reasoning expect to face some arguments. Many people with children will insist that weddings are about family and that excluding children is insensitive. Out of town guests might argue that they can't be expected to pay for a babysitter on top of traveling and a wedding gift. Ultimately, you have to understand that weddings aren't typically adult-only events; while guests who are parents must realize that this is your day and it should be how you want it.

If you decide to include an 'adults-only' stipulation on your wedding day be sensitive and broach the subject in the following manner:

  • Indicate that your wedding is 'adults-only' on your wedding invitation - This will give guests the message without using offensive terminology such as 'NO KIDS'. It will also allow parents to hire a babysitter well in advance.
  • If you plan to exclude some children you must exclude all children. This doesn't mean that you can still have your 4-year-old niece as the flower girl, as guests who left their children at home will definitely be offended.
  • Many guests will innocently expect they are allowed to bring their well-behaved children if the wedding invitation doesn't state 'adults-only'. If you still receive an RSVP indicating that their child is attending, simply call and explain the situation.

If you're worried about the reactions of you're out of town guests with children, allow the kids to attend the wedding ceremony with their parents and hire a babysitter to care for them in a nearby room during the ceremony.

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