Brunch Wedding Receptions

A Morning Celebration

Brunch wedding receptions, and their counterparts, are held following a morning wedding ceremony at 9 am or 10 am in the morning hours. Wedding brunches are more economical then dinner receptions and can be either seated or buffet-style affairs.

The wedding brunch menu normally features an assortment of fresh fruit, breakfast pastries, bagels and muffins, yogurt, fresh backed croissants and rolls, mini breakfast quiches, cold cuts and cheese, as well as coffee, tea and fresh juice. Some newlywed couples go all out by featuring an omelet or crepe bar, complete with a chef whipping them up fresh for guests. Alcoholic beverages, such as champagne, champagne punch, morning glories (champagne and orange juice), wine spritzers, screwdrivers or bloody Mary's are also popular options.

Comparable in price to the wedding brunch reception are the following:

Buffet Lunch Wedding Receptions - are either sit-down or buffet style as well. Luncheon wedding receptions are typically held in the late morning or early afternoon hours, between noon and 2 pm. Buffet lunch menus can include various green, pasta, fruit and potato salads, skewers of chicken or shrimp, vegetables with dip, smoked salmon and crackers, and a variety of sandwiches, cold cuts and cheeses.

Tea receptions - should not be held during mealtime, so anytime between 2 pm and 5 pm in the afternoon is adequate. Tea receptions are generally dry affairs, serving coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino and fruit punches, although some tea receptions do feature champagne and wine. Tea sandwiches and finger foods such as cookies, crackers and cheese often make the menu.

The wedding cake is customarily cut and served at brunch receptions, buffet lunch receptions and tea receptions.

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