Buffet Wedding Receptions

Simple Buffet Ideas

A buffet wedding reception refers to a wedding dinner in which guests leave their seats to serve themselves and then take their seats to eat. Similar to buffet restaurants, buffet-style wedding receptions can either have a pre-determined seating arrangement or they can allow for guests to choose the table of their choice.

The buffet-style reception dinner is arranged with a variety of foods - just like a restaurant buffet. Typically salads, soups and appetizers appear first in line, followed by breads and buns, rice, vegetables and finally by meats or entre dishes. Desserts usually appear after dinner is complete on a newly laid table alongside coffee and tea.

Typically an emcee or DJ will be responsible for announcing the order of tables, so that chaos can be avoided at the buffet table. Typically, the buffet food line will start with the bride and groom, followed by the maid of honor and best man, then other attendants, parents and guests. Weddings with a large number of guests often have two or more buffet stations at either end of the reception venue so that the wait in line is shorter. Buffet-style receptions can be served by servers stationed at each dish or they can be self-served so that guests can help themselves to their desired portions.

Along the same lines as the buffet reception is the food station reception. Food stations refer to smaller buffet tables which are set up around the perimeter of the reception venue, each showcasing a different theme or type of food such as sushi, Mexican foods, cheese and crackers, a salad table, a fresh seafood collection or carved prime rib.

Many couples choose to decorate each food station with different decorations in order to display their unique foods - for example Japanese paper fans for the sushi table and mini sombreros and piatas for the Mexican food station. Food stations generally are manned by chefs carving meats, serving hot foods from heated trays or sauting vegetables right in front of your guest's hungry eyes.

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