Cocktail Wedding Receptions

A Cocktail Reception is A Chic Alternative for Your Wedding

When budget is a concern, many wedding professionals recommend the cocktail reception as a classy evening alternative to the buffet style wedding reception or a sit-down dinner reception.

Cocktail wedding receptions, where no dinner is to follow, generally take place between 6 pm and 7:30 pm in the evening. This timeframe will allow for guests to have their own dinner before arriving.

Cocktail wedding receptions are fairly formal events. They call for formal dressy attire for women and black tie or business dress for men. Cocktail receptions encourage mingling, since wedding guests stand for most of the party. However, small tables, chairs and sometime couches are set up in order for guests, especially elderly guests, to rest. Cocktail receptions can also include dancing if your reception venue has the space to allow it.

Cocktail receptions are perfect for newlyweds looking to have an elegant affair, without spending a fistful of dollars. The cocktail reception is the perfect affair to be held in an art gallery, in a funky studio loft, on outdoor terraces underneath the stars or in landscaped garden surrounded with patio lanterns.

In order to keep the bar tab low many cocktail receptions serve only champagne, wine and beer and maybe a few other specialty mixed drinks and punches. When throwing a cocktail reception, champagne, wine, alcoholic punch, beer and all other drinks should be provided free of charge to your guests. A cocktail reception with a cash bar is in poor etiquette.

Hot and cold hors d'oeuvres may also be served to your guests by waitstaff or set out on for self-serve on buffet tables at a cocktail reception. The wedding cake is cut immediately after the wedding ceremony and receiving line. This way guests can enjoy a piece of the wedding cake along with their champagne, hors d'oeuvres and desserts - if they are provided.

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