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Wedding guest books are one of the most treasured memories that a bride and groom can take home from their wedding reception. Your wedding guest book will be filled with thoughts of love, luck, memories and words of advice from your loved ones.

The traditional wedding guest book is rather straightforward - featuring a spot for the guest's name alongside a few lines to record some personal best wishes or words of advice to the couple.

Because traditional guest books are rather limited in space and often get tucked away and forgotten after the wedding many couples have decided to forgo it for more treasured guest book mementos, such as:

Photo Guest Book - Ask your attendants to take Polaroid pictures of each guest, couple or family as they enter the wedding reception venue. The Polaroid snapshots can be fixed in a blank scrapbook and your guests can record their personal messages below their photos.

Wedding Platter - Place a large silver serving platter on a table at the entrance of your reception hall. Ask guests to use an engraving pen to sign their names as they arrive. The guest platter can be used and hung in your home as a treasured memento.

Wedding Plate - Along the same lines as the silver wedding platter, have guests sign a ceramic platter with a special ceramic marker.

Wedding Photo Box - Ask guests to send a favorite picture of themselves in their RSVPs. Paste each photo in a memory box and when they arrive at your reception ask them to find their photo and write a personal message on the back. They can then put the photos in the memory box for you to read on your honeymoon.

Video Guest Book - Ask your videographer to create an electronic guest book by visiting each table and letting guests share their personal wedding wishes with the camera.

Wedding Guest Poster - Have a huge poster-sized copy made of your engagement photo. Display it on an artist's easel at your reception entrance and ask guests to sign it with a magic marker.

Wedding Picture Frame & Mat - Along the same lines as Wedding Guest Poster except you use a photograph and a large picture mat for people to sign. Then you hang it on your wall for years to come.

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