Hiring a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator

What to Know

Some newly engaged couples simply can't handle the pressure associated with planning a wedding! This is where a wedding planner or wedding coordinator can be a relationship lifesaver.

Wedding planners offer advice on all aspects of wedding planning:

  • Wedding planners offer financial counseling and keep couples within budget while planning their dream wedding.
  • Wedding planners offer creative counseling and can help a couple decide on the style of wedding they want.
  • Wedding planners are experts when it comes to wedding timelines - they get everything booked and done on time!
  • Wedding planners are a wedding resource - they know the best wedding vendors.
  • Wedding planners do the leg work associated with booking gown fittings, hair and makeup appointments, halls and churches.
  • Wedding planners do all the hiring - from photographers, caterers, cake decorators, bands, DJs and florists.
  • Wedding planners are experts when it comes to wedding etiquette, so they can answer your questions about having an 'adult-only' reception, and help sort out the seating arrangement when it comes to divorced parents and stepparents.
  • Wedding planners manage the entire wedding and reception so that brides and grooms can have a worry-free wedding day that goes off without a hitch.
  • Wedding planners manage the money and make sure that everyone gets paid.

Many couples are turned off by the idea of hiring a wedding consultant because they think they'll have a power hungry, control freak on their hands. However, this is not the case with professional wedding planners whose job it is to create your dream wedding according to your budget.

The cost of hiring a wedding consultant will differ in every state, province and region. Generally, a wedding planner will expect a fee approximate to 10% of the cost of your total wedding, but others are paid on a pre-determined flat fee.

Brides are encouraged to undergo an initial wedding consultation with a wedding planner. A wedding consultation costs around $50, and is a bargain for any bride's who just needs some direction starting the wedding planning process, but who doesn't necessarily want to hire a wedding planner for the entire planning process.

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