Outdoor Wedding Tips

Dealing With Mother Nature

An outdoor wedding and reception can be a bit risky. Leaving your wedding to chance isn't something many brides can handle. But with a secure back-up plan in place an outdoor wedding can be the most memorable and breathtaking way to wed.

Marrying couples have outdoor weddings because of convenience. An outdoor wedding means that guests aren't expected to travel from the wedding ceremony to a different wedding reception site. Money takes the cake as far as outdoor weddings are concerned as almost half can be saved by utilizing the same ceremony and reception site. Also outdoor locations - such as landscaped country clubs, park gazebos, wineries and terraced bed & breakfast gardens can make ideal wedding backdrops with need for little decoration.

However unpredictable, weather - rain, humidity, freezing temperatures, high winds, dust and insects - can all be drastic snags to outdoor weddings. Public places are just that and having your wedding in a public park or amphitheater means that any passerby, or their dog, might become part of the audience.

Luckily there are ways to prepare for outdoor weddings:

  • Brides should choose a gown with no train to avoid soiling and tearing.
  • Plan the ceremony downwind - use tents or trees to block the wind.
  • Have plan B in place to make the transition indoors smooth.
  • If your heart's set on an outdoor wedding make use of rented tents, canopies and tables with umbrellas to protect guests and the cake.
  • Inquire about outdoor noise restrictions - wedding music, guests laughing and chatting, clinking glasses, cars and kids may all be unwelcome annoyances to neighbors.
  • Use heavy table decorations - weighty vases, cloth napkins with brass rings and pin down table cloths.
  • Keep guests comfortable - supply shoulder wraps or jackets for the bridal party, outfit tables with umbrellas or sunshades, and use space heaters and patio heaters graciously.
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