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Seating plans for weddings can take many nail-biting months to plan. Divorced parents and estranged family members are just a few conflicts that can make bride's feel like Napoleon Bonaparte, planning the next battle of Waterloo.

To ensure that planning your seating arrangement doesn't cause you to lose too much hair we've put together a handy list of tips.

Wedding etiquette dictates the following concerning wedding seating arrangements:

  • According to etiquette, male and female guests sit alternately around a table.
  • Seat the bridal party at a central point so they can be seen by all guests.
  • Round tables are usually unacceptable for the bridal party because the bride and groom will have their backs facing some guests.
  • Remember to reserve tables for the wedding cake, gifts/wishing well and guest book.
  • Your wedding will be more enjoyable if you seat close family and friends closest the bride and groom.
  • Seat couples next to one another.
  • Seat children in between their parents.
  • Seat distant friends and relatives with familiar people they can chat with.
  • If you have some guests who don't know anybody, try and seat them with guests of similar ages.

Seating Arrangement Software - A new software called Seating Arrangement lets users draw out a floor plan, set up and place all tables, the bar, dance floor, DJ both and stage - all at the push of a button! All you have to do is enter your guests into the program, and group them together by families or friends. Then define number/size of your wedding tables. Guest names are simply dragged and dropped in their seat and can be moved around with the click of a mouse. Seating Arrangement also allows guests to create checklists, timetables and place cards for guests. Seating Arrangement software can be downloaded for a free trial offer on the Internet.

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