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Wedding table settings, in their entirety, consist of table linens - table cloths, table napkins etc. - in a vast assortment of colors, fabrics, textures and styles. Also included in the table setting are: table linens, china and cutlery, the glassware, the table numbers and place cards, the guest favors you choose (if placed on the tables).

To recreate classical, traditional table settings for your wedding choose crisp white table linens and pair with elegant mirrored silverware and crystal glassware. Classic wedding table linens are commonly evoked with shades of lush peach, warm rose, pastel greens, lilacs and blues.

Typically, brides choose wedding table linens to compliment the colors they've chosen for their bridesmaid's dresses and flowers. If you're unhappy with the table linens supplied by your catering company check out the many party rental companies in your area or look on the Internet for your dream shade.

If you are forced to make do with your caterers table settings because of cost, you can still exercise a bit of creative freedom with your table number holders and place cards. Table numbers and place cards are necessary if you have arranged seating for your guests, so why not find some creative ways to turn them into your own personal design:

  • Use medium sized crystal, silver or beaded frames to hold your table numbers and choose matching tinier frames to hold each guest place card.
  • Pipe each guests name onto a sugar or gingerbread cookie for them to keep and eat later.
  • For Christmas weddings use a silver permanent marker or paint to draw your guests name on a tree ornament. A small Christmas tree could hold the table number and be auctioned off as a guest prize.
  • Tie an elegant silk ribbon around a votive candle for the table number and write your guest's names in calligraphy on smaller ribbons and wrap them around each napkin.
  • Center a Japanese lantern with the table number, then fold Japanese origami cranes out of fancy printed paper and etch each a guest's name with a gold pen.
  • For fall or winter-themed weddings paint small pinecones silver, gold and white and slide a tiny slip of paper with your guest's name within.
  • Table numbers could be displayed on wine bottle labels, stuck onto empty wine bottles with a stick candle in each. Place cards can be slid into the tops of wine corks with slits in the top.
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