Tips for Wedding Receptions

Things to Consider

It's difficult to have a bad time at a wedding reception when you're surrounded by a beaming bride and groom - most guests are just ecstatic to help the happy couple celebrate. However, many couples approach the wedding reception stressing about their choice in color, flowers, location, seating arrangements and guest favors.

In order to ease your fears we've put together a list of helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding reception:

Location Determines Color - Choose a color (or colors) for your wedding dcor based on the interior design of the reception venue. For example if your reception hall has a dark green carpet, your hot pink flowers and light blue centerpieces will clash terribly. Make sure that the venue's chairs, flooring and basic room dcor is suitable. If it isn't book another venue or make sure you are allowed to bring in rentals.

Booker Beware - Ask your reception venue to see a full table setup before your book. Seeing their tablecloths, glassware, china and silver will help you determine a suitable color scheme and save you the money of having to rent china, silverware and glassware from an outside vendor.

Fire Hazards - If you're using candles, lanterns and oil-burning patio lanterns can be hazardous around alcohol-consuming guests. Ensure candles and lanterns are secure and out of the way. You should also test the burning time of candles and oil burners in order to ensure their burn-time for your entire reception. For example make use of tiny tea light candles for short receptions and large pillar candles for lengthy receptions.

Comfortable Seats - Chairs in reception halls are typically decorated with flowers, tulle, or balloons held on with wire. To ensure the decorations are comfortable use silk flowers or use ribbon to tie them down so the decorations won't catch on your guests clothing or poke them during the reception dinner.

Perfect Strangers - It's ok to seat strangers together at the same reception table. Print the guest's names on both sides of the card so that guests across the table won't forget their name.

Starvin' Newlyweds - Many couples don't get to enjoy their own wedding dinner because of the bevy of glass clinking during their reception. To avoid this annoying tradition get the DJ or emcee to announce, before dinner, that the bride and groom will only kiss during dinner each time a guest stands and shares a memory about them with the rest of the wedding guests.

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