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It's not uncommon for couples to spend as much on their wedding reception as they did on their college education. Therefore, you will want your wedding reception to be a memorable event for both you and your guests. The most effective way to make your wedding reception unique is with a few personal touches. For example:

Just because wedding receptions are formal doesn't mean they can't be funand tasty! Replace the traditional stiff white place cards with a bit of sweetness - pipe your guests' names on large heart-shaped sugar or gingerbread cookies.

An alternative to the constant clinking of glasses to make you kiss is to ask the DJ to announce that in order for guests to see the bride and groom kiss they must stand up and share a story or memory about the bride, groom or about you as a couple. This new kissing tradition is bound to get more laughs and heartfelt tears throughout dinner.

Disposable cameras are a great way to collect candid shots of your wedding guests that your photographer might miss. Place a disposable camera on every table at the wedding reception and welcome guests are invited to snap away and drop the pictures in a box at the end of the evening for you to develop and keep.

The Polaroid guest book is a wonderful way to put your wedding guest's names to faces. Ask your wedding attendants to take Polaroids of each guest or couple as they enter your reception venue and stick them to the pages of a scrapbook. Ask the guests to sign the book below their picture, to create a guest photo album, in lieu of the traditional picture less guestbook.

Let your centerpieces spark the conversation by keeping them low enough so that guests can see each other and chat from across the table. Use creative centerpieces such as an overflowing bowl of gold and silver foil covered chocolate coins or a Chinese lantern surrounded by fortune cookies that can be read and shared by guests.

Died flowers are fairly inexpensive compared to real flowers, and they can add striking color to your wedding reception. For example, if your wedding color is bright cobalt blue, dip the heads of white silk roses into a mixture of 3/4 water and 4-5 drops of blue food coloring. Insert the rose and allow the flower to absorb enough water to produce vivid blue roses for your wedding reception decor.

Music has a way of capturing a mood - try jazz for sultry romance, big band for liveliness and classical opera for formal elegance. The entertainment should mirror your personalities - from a swing band to a palm reader.

The food you serve at your wedding reception should reflect you as a couple. Incorporate food from your country or culture of origin. Or simply share foods you enjoy such as a sundae dessert bar or an espresso/coffee bar.

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