Unique Wedding Receptions

Do It Your Way

There's no denying the impact of a themed wedding reception. From a tenderly planned out Valentine's Day wedding reception; to an out of this world Star Trek party - your wedding reception can be made your very own by adding a few personal touches.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for unique wedding receptions:

Chinese-Infused Wedding Receptions - evoke vibrant shades of red against bold black (the colors of luck and prosperity) to showcase your Chinese roots. Chinese-themed receptions burst with bright colors and shiny fabrics. For example the bridal party can be attired in cheongsams, dresses with high collars and slit sides and the bridal party can wear chopsticks in their hair. A traditional Chinese bride will never wear white, which signifies death in Chinese culture, but rather a brilliant red, orange or gold, slim fitting gown. The vast menu can feature authentic lo mein and egg dumplings and lucky bamboo stalks can be given as wedding favors.

Simply Zen Wedding Receptions - if you value simplicity and nature. Zen receptions focus on simple, yet elegant accents like Shoji lanterns and screens, subtle wedding attire and minimal decor. For example Zen centerpieces might include simple lanterns surrounded by black river stones or tiny origami cranes. Innovative guest favors might be take-out boxes of fortune cookies topped with chopsticks.

Wee Irish Wedding Receptions - might feature dried four leaf clovers on the invitations, table cloths and napkins. The traditional Irish bride might favor a blue wedding dress on her wedding day, as blue carries with it the luck of the Irish. The lively wedding reception could feature Irish cloggers, the 'janting char' dance and a menu featuring hearty Irish lamb stew as well as plenty of Guinness and strong Irish whiskey.

Champagne Celebration Receptions - should have a sparkling motif. For example each table could feature a book of popular champagne toasts and guest place cards could be embedded in champagne corks. Envision a reception venue featuring a huge champagne fountain formed out of glass flutes and bowls filled with ice and bottles of bubbly. The bride's gown could be an elegant champagne color with matching gloves and the wedding cake could overflow with pearlized chocolate bubbles or champagne roses. Guests could dance to the moody sounds of jazz, under a ceiling decorated with champagne-hued balloons and white twinkle lights.

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