Wedding Centerpieces

The Focal Point of Your Table

Wedding centerpieces often get expensive because you may end up having to buy 10 to 20 of them for all of the guest's tables. The most effective wedding centerpieces are personalized gifts from the bride and groom that can be auctioned off or won as prizes by a lucky guest at each table.

The following are some uniquely inexpensive wedding centerpieces that will look beautiful but save you money:

  1. Burn blank CDs with songs from the wedding - such as the bride and groom's first dance, the parent's dances and other favorite love songs. Place each CD in a clear case and slide a computer printed picture of the two of you into the front of the case. Prop a CD up against a candle and scatter loose flower petals or glitter around it on each table.
  1. Paper Mache boxes can be found at dollar stores or even made into different shapes and colors. These can hold sea shells, dried flowers, pine cones, nuts, evergreen branches, flower seeds, small potted plants, homemade chocolates and Jordan almonds.
  2. Purchase plastic punch bowls from the dollar store and fill them gourds, Indian corn, pears, apples and nuts for a harvest wedding; or fill them with fake snow flakes, Christmas ornaments, plastic decorations and mini faux wrapped presents for winter weddings.
  3. Clay Flower Pots make great centerpieces when decorated with paint, potpourri, string beads, cloth butterflies, mini candles, Hershey kisses, glass marbles, herb plants, moss, lace, ribbon etc.
  4. Purchase mini teapots for each table from the dollar store. Surround each with flowers or ivy and place some tea bags inside with the lid slightly ajar.
  5. Pillar Candles from the dollar store are cheap and come in various colors. Decorate a pillar candle by pushing rhinestones into the wax, or group a few candles of varying heights and sprinkle rose petals, glitter or dried flowers around the base.
  6. A beautiful centerpiece should look good enough to eat. Purchase dollar store woven baskets for each table and fill them with a collection of fresh baked dinner rolls. Surround the basket with small jars of spreads - garlic butter, apple butter, cream cheese, olive oil and hummus.
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