Wedding Reception Ideas

Great Reception Ideas

The key to a memorable wedding reception is uniqueness. Leave your signature on your wedding by featuring a theme, special music, unusual foods etc. Anything that intrinsically defines your relationship can make an appearance at your wedding reception - from your cherished pets to your favorite hobbies; or from any artistic abilities to your love of food. Here are some additional wedding reception ideas:

  • Use subtle personal and unique touches, like a ivy motif, that reappears through the entire day on invitations, decorations, center pieces, your wedding gown and your guest favors, which can make that very special occasion your very own.
  • Incorporate some mystery with a masquerade or drama theme by hosting your reception in an old theater or antique ballroom. Give velvet or feathered masks, or Mardi Gras beads as your guest favors or hire murder mystery players to entertain during dinner.
  • Infuse classic elements like black and white motifs, groomsmen dressed in tuxedos with white jackets. Show black and white slides of the bride and groom during dinner, dine and dance to the sounds of jazz and serve loads of bubbly champagne and cigars.
  • Evoke a midsummer nights dream with hanging globe candles, intertwined gauze fabrics, tons of candles and whimsical music during your outdoor dinner.
  • Offer a taste of ethnicity by showcasing the foods from your homeland - seafood buffets, curry dishes, fresh Thai skillets or rich German chocolate desserts. And be sure to give your guests something that represents your culture to take home - hand painted Chinese chop sticks, colorful Japanese paper fans, a candle with a dried lucky Irish shamrock or seeds to grow a Georgia peach tree.
  • Go one step further and showcase your roots in the evening's entertainment. Hire Irish dancers, a steel drum band, Scottish bagpipers or feature a Native American drum circle.
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