Types of Wedding Receptions

Different Ways to Celebrate

Wedding receptions are an age old tradition brought about as a way to thank your guests for attending your wedding and for their wedding gifts. The wedding reception you choose to host is only limited by your imagination. The most popular types of wedding receptions are buffet receptions, full-service dinners, cocktail receptions, brunch receptions and adult-only wedding receptions. Please consult the individual pages on each of these receptions for a more detailed explanation, and for some unique ideas on how to make your wedding reception a soiree to remember.

Buffet Wedding Receptions – are similar to a buffet restaurant format, during which guests serve themselves from a buffet bar and return to their seats to dine.

Full-Service Dinner Receptions – typically occur between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. Full-service receptions are considered formal affairs, and each table has wait staff serving them for each course.

Cocktail Wedding Reception – are a classy way to throw a reception for the budget-conscious bride and groom. Cocktail receptions, not including dinner, take place between 6 pm and 7:30 pm in the evening. Cocktail wedding receptions are fairly formal calling for dress attire for women and black tie for men.

Brunch Wedding Receptions – take place between 9 am or 10 am, directly after a morning wedding ceremony. Wedding brunch can be a buffet or seated meal and tend to be more economical compared to dinner receptions.

Adult-only Wedding Receptions – exclude children from the invite list. This is often met with criticism.

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