Wishing Wells

Wedding Tradition or Cash Grab?

Although it isn't proper etiquette to ask for monetary wedding gifts many of your guests will likely offer them. Therefore you will need a place for them to put their gift envelopes during the wedding reception.

Wishing wells are popular wedding traditions. They are made out of cardboard or paper Mache to resemble real wishing wells and are typically painted white or silver with a slot in the top to insert the envelopes. The wishing well should appear on the wedding gift table.

Some alternatives to the wishing well are:

  • Tulle wrapped bird cages - guests can slip the card between the bars of the cage.
  • Wedding baskets make of cardboard or fabric covered and decorated box.
  • Money trees with clips or safety pins to attach the gift envelope.
  • Money cakes, cardboard replicas of the wedding cake with a slit in the top.
  • Bride money purse - the bride carries a silk purse to slide money gifts into.

Couples have also come up with the following ways to receive money gifts during their wedding receptions:

Kissing boxes - In order to see the bride and groom kiss guests put money into the box and ring a bell for everyone to hear. The kiss request can also be extended to parents, grandparents and family friends!

The money dance - where male guests pay to dance with the bride and female guests pay to dance with the groom. Each dance requires a donation which the buyer pins to the bride or groom or puts in a purse.

The wedding gift sweep - The DJ will announce the dance as guests form a circle around the bride and groom. The bride and groom are given a broom and dust pan and for the duration of the song guests throw pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or paper money into the circle for them to sweep up and keep.

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