Celtic Wedding Rings

A Symbol Rich in Tradition

Celtic wedding bands take the universal symbol of an endless circle one step further. A wedding ring with Celtic knotwork is a row of intertwined knots with no beginning and no end - symbolizing the winding together of two lives into one.

For those with Celtic roots, a Celtic wedding band celebrates your rich Celtic roots along with your marriage. The knot then becomes the intertwining of the love, friendship, lives and heritage of two people.

Although Celtic knot wedding rings have gained in popularity the Irish Claddagh remains a recognized symbol of marriage and it was used as a wedding ring by the fishing villages of Ireland. The name 'Claddagh' was the name of a small fishing village in County Galway, West Ireland from which a man named Richard Joyce was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa. Joyce was trained as a goldsmith and created the Claddagh as the symbol of his beloved village. Once released, Joyce (and the Claddagh) returned to Galway as a master goldsmith.

To this day Claddagh rings are still worn as friendship, engagement or wedding rings.

  • Friendship - the ring is worn anywhere on the right hand.
  • Engagement - the ring is worn on third finger of your left hand with the tip of the heart pointing outwards.
  • Married - the ring is worn on the third finger of your left hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards your own heart.
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