Design Your Own Wedding Ring

A Style All Your Own

Designing your own wedding rings or engagement ring is the most unique way to symbolize your union as a couple. This is a popular option for specific tastes and is saves time compared to shopping around with a specific ring in mind.

Custom designed wedding rings usually cost a lot more than buying a wedding ring from the jewelers showcase, but are worth having a one-of-a-kind ring made to symbolize your marriage.

You might have seen 'design your own wedding ring' services on the Internet. Online jewelers offer a selection of styles for you to choose from and ask the purchaser to create their own ring by choosing the stone, color, weight, clarity and cut, metal band, ring size and setting.

Regardless of if you're taking your wedding ring design to a jeweler, goldsmith or online website you should consider the following when choosing your wedding ring's style:

Ring Comfort: The ring must be comfortable to wear for the rest of your fiance's life. Consider if she is allergic to any metals? Does she work with her hands? If so, a metal like platinum is a good choice as it's heavy, strong and resilient. However, if your fiance is small boned and dainty a lighter metal like white gold or gold will be a better choice.

Ring Style: Comfort transcends to the ring's look, as well as the feel. Consider your fiance's personal style - is she fashion savvy? Does she wear hardly any jewelry at all? This will help you decide between a more elaborate setting and stone, or a simple setting and stone for her wedding ring.

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