Diamond Engagement Rings

It all starts here

A lot of people have difficulty considering a proposal to be “official” until there’s a ring on the fianceé’s finger. Diamond engagement rings haven’t always been an essential part of engaged life. That tradition didn’t really take off until the late 1400s.

Buying an engagement ring isn’t as simple as it may sound. There are many things to take into consideration before you start shopping. What quality of stone can you afford? What style of setting is right for her? Does she want a diamond or would something colorful, like her birthstone, be more her style? There are ways of finding out these important details without asking her straight out. Listen for clues she’s dropping or ask one of her friends – who you know for sure can keep a secret!

Make sizing simple
Once you’ve offered your fiancée her engagement ring, she won’t want to take it off…for anything. Handing the ring over to a jeweler for sizing after the fact isn’t much fun, especially if she’s got friends and family asking for a peek at it. If you can determine her finger size before you buy the ring, you’ll save her having to part with her new jewelry while it gets adjusted. The best way to determine her engagement ring size is to visit a jeweler and have someone at the store professionally measure her finger. If you want to keep the whole thing a surprise, look through her jewelry box for a ring that fits her finger and take that to the jewelry store with you.

If she keeps a close eye on her bling and you can’t sneak one of her rings away, try these sly ways of measuring her finger:

  • Tie a piece of string around her finger as “a reminder” about something and wait for her to slip it off. Use a double knot so she’ll roll it off her finger instead of untying it.
  • While you’re watching TV, slip her ring off and play with it. See how far you can get it down your own finger.
  • Trace the inside of her ring on a piece of paper.
  • Take a friend or family member who knows her ring size shopping with you or ask them to help with any of the other schemes.

Finding her ring size is the first step – finding the perfect engagement ring is going to take a bit more effort. Happy hunting!

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