Wedding Jewelry

Important Wedding Accessories

The jewelry that you choose to wear with your gown is an important part of the entire bridal ensemble. Even though your gown and veil might go into storage after your wedding your jewelry is a keepsake and something that should be worn and shown off at anniversaries and other special occasions.

The following are some helpful hints to consider when choosing the jewelry that will accompany your wedding attire:

  • Pearls are the most popular choice for brides because they symbolize purity. Natural pearls are a warm, off-white color and perfectly match both stark white and champagne wedding gowns.
  • If you're having difficulty finding something blue (as required by traditional brides) you could choose aquamarine, sapphire or blue topaz bridal jewelry.
  • Choose jewelry that compliments your wedding gown and its neckline. Many designer gowns are strapless or have plunging necklines which can be beautifully accented by a drop necklace and earrings. If you have chosen a gown with a square or high neckline a string of pearls or a chocker will be an attractive match. For gowns with a lot of beading or lace many opt for no necklace and wear a stunning pair of earrings.
  • If you can't find the right jewelry you can have your wedding jewelry custom made. Employ the same jeweler that made your wedding rings to make a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings or even cufflinks for the groom. Sure, you'll pay more, but you won't have to compromise your bridal pieces.
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