Wedding Ring Sets

A Match Made in Heaven

Wedding ring sets consist of a pair of rings:

Either a matching engagement ring and wedding band set for the bride.

Or matching 'his and her' wedding bands for the bride and groom.

The two rings will typically have a similar pattern or design and are made of the same metal and gemstones. In the case of the matching wedding and engagement rings for the bride, the two band set will fit into each other harmoniously on the bride's ring finger (like a puzzle) suggesting unity.

Wedding and engagement ring sets - feature an engagement ring and wedding band that match and fit together like a puzzle and sit comfortably on the bride's ring finger.

Popular examples of the wedding ring and engagement ring sets are ones set with diamonds - with the engagement ring featuring a larger diamond (such as a solitaire) and the wedding ring set with smaller diamonds. Many grooms purchase an engagement ring and matching wedding band together.

'His and Hers' wedding ring sets - Wedding ring sets for the bride and groom are matching wedding rings in the same design and metal. Many couples opt for matching wedding bands as a further symbol of their togetherness. However, the couple will need to agree on a wedding ring set that pleases both tastes. This is why many newly engaged couples choose simple gold, silver or platinum wedding bands. The groom's will be a thicker version and the brides a thinner, more delicate replica. Many couples choose to get creative by choosing matching wedding ring sets in Celtic, Antique or engraved designs, or bands set with gemstones.

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