Wedding Rings for the Groom

Selecting His Band

Let's be honest, most men aren't comfortable wearing jewelry, not even wedding rings. Wedding rings for the groom were virtually unheard of before World War II. During the war, wedding rings for husbands were popularized as mementos for soldiers - a symbol and reminder of the wives that waited for their safe return home. Today, both the bride and the groom select wedding rings and the exchange of rings during the wedding ceremony includes the bride slipping a ring on her groom's finger as a symbol of their ever-lasting bond and commitment.

For many men new to jewelry, wearing a wedding ring might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. It takes time getting used to a band of metal constantly encircling your finger, never mind the ring rubbing against your neighboring fingers when your fingers are closed. If your husband-to-be isn't crazy about wearing a wedding ring, introduce him to a few different ring styles that are masculine and meant to fit comfortably.

When choosing a wedding ring for a finicky groom, look at rings with a domed contour curve which hugs the finger closely. For the ultimate in comfort, opt for a comfort fit' wedding band. The edges of a comfort fit band are rounded and smooth to prevent the ring from pinching or scratching the finger with sharp or squared edges. An experienced jeweler can help fit your groom with a comfortable wedding band in a style which suits his taste.

If the weight of the ring is the issue, opt for gold or white gold wedding ring over platinum wedding bands. Platinum is a heavy metal. A ring made of platinum is one you will never forget - the weight on your finger will make you constantly aware of its presence. If your groom would prefer a ring that is barely noticeable, a lightweight yellow gold or white gold ring may be his metal of choice. Gold rings tend to be lighter because gold is not as dense as platinum.

Wedding rings for the groom are more than your basic gold or platinum band. Newer wedding bands for men are made of stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver and even copper, with or without precious or semi-precious gemstones in both polished and satin or brushed finish. Many wedding bands for men are now engraved or carved with intricate knot work as seen in many Celtic wedding ring designs.

Since wedding rings for the groom tend to be wider than women's wedding rings, bands or rings that combine two metals of similar or contrasting colors can be quite striking. The wider base of most men's ring allows you to really see the contrasting metals. Wedding rings for the groom in a seven or nine millimeter width with rounded edges which alternate bands of platinum and white gold are positively stunning on the hand of any groom, and well worth the investment.

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