Wedding Ring Styles

Find Your Unique Style

Wedding rings are a symbol of the eternal love and commitment between two people. Undoubtedly, you will want your wedding rings to be a visual expression of your taste and style, but you also want them to endure all of your years together.

Many couples choose simple, matching wedding bands or wedding rings made of the same metal with similar settings or designs. Many couples prefer rings made of the same metal as the bride's engagement ring. Some couples will choose rings in the same metal, but will select a style and design that is totally unique to complement their individual tastes and personalities. Regardless of whether your wedding rings match, they should be a metal and design that you will enjoy wearing for the rest of your life.

The number of wedding ring styles is quite large. A couple can choose braided, carved or engraved wedding rings. Celtic wedding rings are popular amongst couples of all ethnic backgrounds for their beauty and symbolism. Rings with or without precious gemstones, antique wedding rings and even custom designed wedding rings are becoming more and more popular as couples look for wedding rings that are truly unique and inspiring.

Some couples are even opting for the trend popularized by Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson and rocker Tommy Lee - tattoo rings. Nothing says permanent like a tattooed wedding ring, and nothing says ouch as much as either. Tattoo rings are known to be quite painful to have done and the ink tends to bleed and fade because the skin on your fingers is quite thin. If you're not quite ready for the pain, there are plenty of metals and wedding ring styles to choose from and they won't hurt a bit.

Gold Wedding Rings - Yellow gold is the most traditional and popular metal for wedding rings. The warm yellow hue of yellow gold is complimentary to most skin tones and is comfortingly familiar - and the most cost-efficient. Wedding bands are available in 14, 18 and 24 karat gold depending on the purity and strength of gold you prefer. A 24k gold wedding ring is made of the purest and most expensive gold, but it is also the softest gold so it will nick and chip easily. Grooms that work with their hands may want to opt for a 14k or 18k gold wedding ring to ensure the ring lasts.

White Gold Wedding Rings - White gold can be more expensive than yellow gold, but it is the perfect alternative for those couples who prefer the look and shine of platinum but can't afford the cost. White gold bands are stunning in their simplicity, although many couples are drawn to the originality of wedding rings made of both white and yellow gold in braided and carved designs.

Platinum Wedding Rings - Platinum is the hardest and most expensive metal - but what better way to express your ever-lasting love and commitment? Platinum wedding bands have a lovely silver sheen and the metal is so strong, your wedding ring will still be around long after you are gone - making platinum wedding rings the most expensive and durable of all wedding ring styles.

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